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What Tea Is Good For Headache

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Best Tea For Headaches

Nerve Soothing Tea Recipe Helps Migraines and Tension Headaches

One of the worst feelings is the beginning of a headache. Dealing with a headache can be exhausting, whether its a nagging tension headache or a debilitating migraine.

We all know the go-to strategies for getting rid of headaches – a cycle of rest, water, and painkillers – but did you know that drinking certain types of tea can also ease headache pain or even help make them go away?

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Is Lemon Tea Good For Headaches

Lemon. Because of the anti-inflammatory characteristics that it possesses, lemon is an effective treatment for getting rid of headaches. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the cup of herbal tea that you are drinking, and then drink it. You may also get relief from the pain by rubbing fresh lemon on your forehead and temples.

When Is It Important To Get Professional Headache Treatment

These excellent teas can provide considerable relief from migraines, tension headaches, and other types of headaches. In fact, National Headache Institute Houston experts often recommend tea for headaches to their patients because of the delightful properties.

However, recurring headaches can also be a symptom of more serious health problems. If youve been experiencing migraines or other chronic headaches for two months or longer, its time to contact a headache specialist.

Not only can we help you find relief for the pain, but we can also determine the underlying causes of your specific headaches. Our personalized treatment options can help you reduce or get rid of persistent migraines.

To learn more, schedule an appointment right away at a location near you.

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What Is The Truth About Caffeinated Teas For Headaches

For some people, green tea and other caffeinated teas provide amazing relief for migraines. Green tea contains powerful phytochemicals called catechins with significant health benefits. It also has a balanced amount of caffeine .

However, in other people, caffeine actually provokes headaches. Its a common trigger for migraines and it can also cause withdrawal headaches. If youre not sure in your case, keep track of what you eat or drink right before migraines appear. If caffeine seems to be the culprit, steer clear of green tea. Knowing what tea is good for headaches for you personally can help you experience the most relief.

What Should I Eat When My Head Hurts

Ginger Tea For Headache
  • What Kinds of Foods Help Ease the Pain of a Headache? Leafy greens. The consumption of leafy greens has been linked to a reduction in the severity and frequency of headaches.
  • Nuts. Nuts contain a high concentration of magnesium, which helps relieve headache discomfort by relaxing the blood vessels.
  • Fish high in fat
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    Cayenne Pepper In Warm Water

    The compound in cayenne that makes it spicy, called capsaicin, can dull a neurotransmitter that is responsible for sending pain impulses to the brain, so sprinkle a little cayenne pepper in warm water and you may find some relief.

    If you like your tea a bit sweeter, switch out migraine-triggering artificial sweetener for anti-inflammatory honey.

    Tea For Headache Relief

    It should be noted that two symptoms that indicate migraine are having pain and stomach upset. Peppermint oil and peppermint tea are found to be popular in helping, relieving, and providing a comfort zone to individuals suffering from these symptoms. T is categorized to be in natural remedy.

    The major, active and most important ingredient is menthol in this peppermint tea. This amazing peppermint tea has an aftertaste of cooling effect. This tea helps in decreasing or we can say it helps to reduce inflammation that might cause pain and also tension headaches.

    Not only peppermint tea is best suited for headaches but also peppermint oil applying on the forehead helps to relieve headaches and migraine pain. Lets see the recipe for this amazing peppermint tea.


    If we talk about the recipe of this amazing peppermint tea, so it is very easy to prepare. It only needs 4 steps to make this wonderful tea. Lets see show this tea is prepared:

  • First of all there should be 2 cups of boil water.
  • After boiling 2 cups of water there should be addition of 15 to 20 mint leaves. They should be fresh. If you want to get oil to flow first, so gently rub leaves first in hands.
  • After that heat should be turn off and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to get desired strength.
  • It is choice of taker whether he wants to chew leaves . He can also strain leaves. This amazing tea is ready to serve with lemon which squeeze and should be noted that tea should be serve warm.
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    What Tea Is Good For Headaches

    Most headaches are tension and stress related.

    As such, any tea can help.

    Just the act of taking a minute to slow down and enjoy a cup of tea will reduce feelings of stress and bring some headache relief.

    But some types of tea have actually been shown to actively combat headaches.

    Not only that, they also have tons of other positive effects. Even if you try one and it doesnt do anything for the pain in your head, it will still help you in other ways.

    In other words: you have nothing to lose.

    The next time you find yourself suffering from a headache, give one of the following teas a try. Hopefully at least one of them will prove effective for your particular headache.

    Risks And Side Effects

    Headache Relief Tea

    Is tea bad for you ever? A caffeine overdose is an inherent risk that comes with consuming black tea, but its easy to avoid if you dont overdo it. Its recommended that you should not have more than five cups per day. More than that is considered unsafe. You can also become psychologically dependent on teas caffeine. Black tea benefits are definitely best experienced in moderation for these reasons.

    If youre pregnant or breastfeeding, drinking no more than three cups of black tea is considered to likely be safe. However, consuming more than this amount is possibly unsafe and has been associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, sudden infant death syndrome and other negative effects, including symptoms of caffeine withdrawal in newborns and lower birth weight.

    If you have any ongoing health issues or currently take medication, check with your doctor before consuming it. There are a number of possible black tea medication interactions.

    Black tea can decrease the bodys absorption of iron. If you dont have an iron deficiency, this is likely not a concern. However, if youre concerned, its recommended to drink the tea in between meals rather than with meals to decrease the unwanted interaction.

    Black tea may also react with supplements, including but not limited to bitter orange, cordyceps, calcium, magnesium, caffeine-containing supplements and herbs, danshen, creatine, echinacea, folic acid, melatonin, and red clover.

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    The Best Tea For Headacheseasy Choices

    Cuddletime herbal teadelightful balance of chamomile and mintNightcap herbal teapeppermint and valerian rootCalm Chamomile Bloom herbal teacalming chamomile, rose, lavender, and lemon balm*This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All information and resources found within this article are based on the opinions of the author. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

    Best Natural Flavor Tea For Migraine Relief

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    What’s more soothing than a great natural-flavored tea? Nothing! This tea helps a lot in tension headaches and stomach pain.

    After several headaches and migraine episodes, I think I finally found the one tea with an exploding natural flavor that keeps me wanting more.

    And it’s the Tazo Zen.

    Being the iced tea drinker that I am, I personally love this one because I can finally have a soothing and natural iced tea!

    Personally, this brought me two joys: one, my headache pain was gone two, I got to enjoy a very refreshing taste of authentic iced teas.

    Did you know that…

    Green tea is generally less brisk than black tea and is slightly sweet and creamy? Add a little bit of honey to this one, and I’m sure you’re gonna be obsessed!

    Besides its great natural taste, Tazo is packed with health benefits too!

    Its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce the pain in your head and in your stomach, too.

    So if you think you’re having a bad day because of your headache pain, try sipping on this tea.

    The thing is, some have complained that there are some defects with the teabags’ staples.

    But if you’re really not concerned with these defects then I think this tea for headaches is worth the try!

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    Would You Like To Connect With Me To See If I Can Help You With My Unique And Effective Approach To Holistic Health Care

    Request a free consultation and well meet to discuss your case. Well sit down, review your health history and goals, and see if you are a good fit for our services. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions about our approach and if you feel confident that I can help, youll have an opportunity to learn how to move forward and work with me.

    Best At Bedtime: Chamomile Tea

    The 9 Best Tea For Headaches

    If youre looking to catch some ZZZs, brew a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime.

    The reason? The daisy-like chamomile plant contains apigenin, an antioxidant compound and snooze inducer. Apigenin attaches itself to receptors in your brain and works to reduce anxiety, building a peaceful calm that leads to drowsiness.

    Chamomile basically acts as a mild tranquilizer, says Czerwony. Those sips really will help you sleep.

    Valerian root tea also is a good option if youre tired of counting sheep to get some shut-eye.

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    Other Remedies That Help With Headache

    • Magnesium Supplement: this can help especially if you suffer from chronic migraines. It has been found that up to 50% of migraine patients have a magnesium deficiency in their system. Magnesium supplements for 4-6 weeks may be able to help in reducing the frequency, and duration of migraine episodes.
    • Peppermint Oil: the topical application of peppermint oil can be great for people with tension headaches. In this study, it was tested against acetaminophen and the control group and there was some positive correlation between the topical application of this oil is and the percieved reduction of tension headaches among participants in the group.
    • Chamomile Oil: a natural pain reliever, topical application of chamomile oil is proven to help with migraine. It is also a great stress-reliever.

    Seven Best Teas For Headaches And Stress

    A headache is not just discomfort, it is disabling. It ruins your entire day. Did you know over 50% of the adult population in the world suffer from headaches? It can be a tension headache, cluster headache, migraine, caffeine headache, exertion headache, sinus headache, hormone headache, hypertension headache, rebound headache, or a post-traumatic headache. While tension headaches cause mild and moderate pain, migraine causes severe pain.

    What do you do when you have a headache? Go for a painkiller? From experience, you might know that a headache doesnt leave you easy. It comes back eventually as the medicine leaves the system. Therefore, taking a painkiller every time you have a headache is not the solution. If you are looking for a permanent solution and dont want to go for over the counter medication, perhaps tea can be the potion you are looking for!

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    Best Herbal Tea For Headaches

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    Ever dreamed of having lavenders infused with your morning tea?

    Now its a dream come true!

    Yogi Tea Herbal Stress Relief is a lavender herbal tea flavor that soothes any pain and migraines youre experiencing.

    It will definitely help you calm and ease the tension in your head as you indulge yourself in this soothing tea.

    If youre conscious about your artificial intakes, this wont stress you out because it has no artificial flavors and sweeteners.

    All in allâ¦

    You cant go wrong with Yogi Teas. Theyre a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for!

    This is a quick headache reliever if you wish to take natural pain relievers for your migraine.


    Chamomile Tea For Headache Relief

    Green tea for toothache, migraine

    In the Migraine Strong Facebook group we often discuss the importance of practicing intentional stress reduction techniques. Chamomile has such a lovely, natural calming effect making it a great tea to have on hand when you need to unwind. We all know how hard it can be to rest with a migraine attack. Chamomile is great for relaxation and to aid in sleeping making it a real winner for migraine relief. Its one of the most effective teas available to depress the nervous system which relaxes your whole body and relieves anxiety too. It may be worthwhile to try chamomile tea for headache relief.

    This is another tea that is not made from tea leaves making it a good option for those that are tannin sensitive. Its made from the flowers so proceed with caution if you have an allergy to ragweed. Twinings of London makes a yummy Pure Chamomile tea with chamomile as the only ingredient.

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    Sip These Teas Instead Of Regular Chai For Instant Relief From Headaches

    Written by Debjani Arora | Updated : January 4, 2016 7:46 AM IST

    It isn t unusual for you to reach out for a cup of tea when a headache gets the better of you. Tea, since a long time, has been considered soothing and gentle on your senses when a tension-induced headache wreaks havoc. However, specific herbal teas can help relieve your headache better that your regular sugar laced cutting chai. Due to its medicinal and antioxidant properties, herbal teas work wonders for untimely headaches. Here is why you should not ignore frequent headaches.

    Here are few herbal teas you can opt for when you suffer from a sudden tension-induced headache

    Green tea: It is rich in antioxidants and has analgesic properties. It also reduces oxidative stress and helps to eliminate toxins. Studies show that sipping at least two cups of green tea a day can help deal with inflammation of tissues and blood vessels, thus helping the body cope with aches and pains. This is a reason why green tea is thought to be an excellent drink to soothe headaches . Here are three reasons you should avoid having green tea during pregnancy.

    Which Tea Is Good For Headaches

    Headaches are a common problem that many people experience. Can tea help? Which tea is good for headaches? There are many different causes of headaches, including stress, tension, and allergies. Luckily, there are also many different treatments for headaches, including over-the-counter medications and natural remedies. One natural remedy that is often recommended for headaches is tea. In this blog post, I will discuss which teas are good for headaches and how they can help relieve the pain.

    Many different types of tea can be helpful for headaches. Some of the most popular options include chamomile, ginger, and peppermint tea. Each of these teas has unique properties that can help to relieve pain and tension.

    Lets take a closer look at some of the teas

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    What Tea Is Good For Migraine Headaches

    Migraine headaches are often accompanied by numerous other symptoms. A study done in 2014 by the Zanjan University of Medical Sciences found that ginger was as effective as sumatriptan at easing migraine symptoms within just two hours.

    Plum Deluxe has numerous ginger teas, but try the Rejuvenation Blend Herbal Tea, which is caffeine free. Ginger is also commonly used to help ease nausea, a common symptom of migraines.

    Another herb commonly used to prevent migraines is feverfew. Its used to combat a large number of ailments, but its efficacy is mixed for migraine sufferers. Some report reduction or complete elimination of migraines, while others report no effect. The bottom line: This is one you should talk to your doctor about before taking as there can be side effects. Also, do NOT use feverfew if you are pregnant as it can induce contractions.

    Once again, chamomile is a winner here in terms of migraine relief. In a double blind placebo controlled study, researchers found that pain, nausea, vomiting, photophobia, and phonophobia significantly decreased about 30 minutes after using chamomile oil. If you want to get REALLY into the science behind chamomile versus feverfew, this is a good study to read through. Ultimately, they recognized that different parts of each plant had various concentrations of the key chemicals, but concluded that more research was needed.

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    Phenothiazines Interacts With Black Tea

    10 Best Teas for Headaches 2022

    Black tea contains chemicals called tannins. Tannins can bind to many medications and decrease how much medicine the body absorbs. To avoid this interaction avoid coffee 1 hour before and 2 hours after taking phenothiazine medications.Some phenothiazine medications include fluphenazine , chlorpromazine , haloperidol , prochlorperazine , thioridazine , and trifluoperazine .

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