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What Helps With Sinus Headache

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Isnt It Better To Treat The Cause Rather Than The Symptom

Sinus Drainage & Headache Relief Exercises | Sinusitis & Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Help | #1

While Botox can be a great way to treat chronic migraines, its important to remember that migraine is a complicated condition and the treatment of muscle spasms and trigger points may only be part of the solution. If you or a loved one suffer from chronic migraine, its important to see a specialist to evaluate for other treatable causes. Other triggers include inflammation from nasal allergies, chronic sinusitis, deviated septum pressure points in the nose, stress and hormonal imbalances. Many of our patients have a constellation of symptoms including poor sleep, nasal congestion and chronic sinusitis that may trigger or worsen chronic migraine. Dr. Monica Tadros specializes in the ancillary treatment of chronic migraine, sleep disorders, nasal allergies and chronic sinusitis at the Center for Sinus, Sleep & Facial Plastic Surgery. A comprehensive evaluation will help us determine the treatment plan thats right for you. Call our office at NYC: 532-4590 or NJ: 408-5430 during business hours to schedule a consultation.

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If I Receive Botox Injections For Migraine Headaches How Long Do They Last

Most patients see results between two and three weeks after their first treatment and maintain an ongoing injection schedule with their physician to lessen or ultimately prevent headaches.

Because every patients metabolism is different the frequency with which she will need Botox injections will vary. On average, patients return for their next round of treatment every three months .

Massage For Sinus Headache Relief

In addition to the suggested natural remedies for relief from sinus headache pressures, Id like to offer yet another approach to try: self-massage. Although not a lot of research has been done on sinus massage as a way to provide relief from headaches due to sinus pressure, there are two approaches for you to consider for sinus headache relief through self-massage. One is lymphatic self-drainage massage and the other is pressure point massage.

  • For the first method, lymphatic self-drainage massage, we suggest you take a look at this site:and this video:both of which explain in detail how to use this method to relief sinus headaches and sinus headache pressure.
  • For the second approach, pressure point massage, there are those who believe that massaging the sinus areas is thought to help to relieve pressure in the sinuses, and therefore provide sinus pressure headache relief, by helping mucus to drain out of the sinus and reduce pressure caused by congestion. Gentle pressure from massage may also help by increasing blood circulation to the area.

There are two ways to accomplish the pressure point type of massage. One is a more general approach to your whole face and forehead. Here is how it works :

Begin the massage on the forehead and cheeks with gentle circles using the index fingers on the forehead and thumbs on the cheeks. The motion continues as the hands work upward.

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What Can I Do About Recurring Sinus Headaches

Many sinus headaches, especially those that recur, are actually migraines. But its smart to see your healthcare provider to figure out the cause of your headaches.

You may find that the best long-term solution is figuring out what triggers your migraine headaches so you can avoid them. Its helpful to keep a headache diary to track potential triggers. Triggers you can control include:

  • Alcohol.
  • Specific foods, such as chocolate, red wine or strong cheese.
  • Lack of sleep.

Essential Oils For Sinus Headaches

Pin by Audrey Herman on Holistic Home Remedies

Many people suffering with strong sinus headaches are turning to essential oils. It makes sense that fragrant, potent oils would be able to penetrate your sinuses and deliver natural relief for pain, tension and congestion.

There are six key essential oils that can target and neutralize sinus headaches. Here are the essential oils that can soothe your soul and ease your sinus headaches.

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Sinus Headaches: Symptoms Treatment & Relief

Sinus problems are a common complaint, and sometimes with sinus problems come headaches. As uncomfortable as sinusitis can bewith nasal congestion or runny nose, sinus pressure or pain, and on occasion, fatigue or feverit can be more miserable with a headache.

Sinus Headaches Are Rare

Its important to note that sinus headaches are in fact extremely rare most people who have sinus headaches actually have migraine headaches, says Dr. Gottschalk.

In fact, the American Academy of OtolaryngologyHead and Neck Surgery Foundation notes that over 80% of people who have self-diagnosed themselves or received a formal diagnosis of sinus headache actually have a migraine headache or tension headache only around 3% to 5% of people diagnosed with sinus headaches actually have sinus headaches.

This happens because some of the symptoms of migraine headaches are very similar to the symptoms of sinus headaches. Migraine headaches can trigger the parasympathetic nerves that control the mucosa in the sinuses, resulting in symptoms such as congestion, runny nose, redness or swelling around the eyes, and pressure in the sinus area, says Dr. Gottschalk.

For this reason, migraine attacks that include these symptoms are often mislabeled as sinus headaches, because it is believed that the sinus irritation is the cause of the pain however, the sinus symptoms are caused by the migraine process itself, explains Dr. Gottschalk.

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What Is The Best Pain Relief For Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the medical term for inflamed nasal passages and is treated differently based on the frequency and severity of swelling.

Acute viral sinusitis occurs occasionally and generally clears itself within a week. During this time, you can manage symptoms with pain relievers.

Chronic sinusitis occurs more frequently and lasts longer. While symptoms can be managed with OTC medication or antibiotics for bacterial infections. Chronic sinusitis may require intervention from an ENT.

Acupressure Points For Sinus Problems

Sinus Headaches: Causes & Treatment

Large intestine 20. This point is located at the base of your nose. Place your fingers on either side of the bottom of your nose where it meets your cheeks. This point helps with facial swelling, sinus congestion, and respiratory disorders. â

Large intestine 4. This point is located in the web between your thumb and first finger. It’s at the highest point of the muscle that bulges when your thumb and index finger are pressed together. This pressure point can be stimulated to help with headaches and jaw pain. â

Bladder 2. This point is located at the top of the inner eyebrow right underneath the orbital bone on each eye. It’s in the area where your eyebrow meets your nose. This point can be stimulated to help with facial pain and frontal headaches.

Gallbladder 20. This point is located at the back of the skull where the ear bone meets the neck. Stimulation of this point helps with midline headache and neck pain.â

Liver 3. This point is located on your foot about two finger widths above where the big toe and second toe meet. You can stimulate this point to help with headaches and irritability.

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What Causes Sinus Symptoms

If you find yourself frequently dealing with sinus pain and sinus pressure, finding the cause is an important step toward finding sinus relief. Any time the tissue in your nose and sinuses gets swollen and inflamed, it can lead to sinus problems. Here are a few sinus problem causes to consider:

  • Temperature changes

If Your Sinus Headache Wont Go Away Call Kaplan Sinus Relief

Dr. Michael Kaplan of Kaplan Sinus Relief is a leading practitioner of the balloon sinuplasty treatment, and he often trains other doctors on the technique. Patients who visit Kaplan Sinus Relief also have the option to add IV Sedation and/or TGS image-guided navigation to their surgery, which are services that help keep patients relaxed during the surgery and improve accuracy and safety, respectively.

You dont have to put up with a sinus headache that wont go away. Kaplan Sinus Relief can help you find relief from sinus headaches, congestion, and more. Call 713-766-1818 or request an appointment online today.

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What To Do When Home Remedies Aren’t Working

When you have a sinus headache, trying some treatments at home should be your first step. However, if you’ve tried a few things and nothing is helping, seeing a doctor can help you to get the right treatment and perhaps identify an underlying cause. You should also see a doctor if you have a fever, if there is pain or swelling of your face or eyes, redness around your eyes, cheeks, a severe headache, stiff neck or confusion.

After other treatments have been exhausted and your sinus problems are recurring, surgery might be suggested as an option for sinus headaches and blocked sinuses. This is something that you might discuss with your ENT to determine whether it’s the right choice for you and how it can help, as well as some of the risks that surgery can have. Before discussing surgery, it’s important to try other remedies to find out if any of them work.

If sinus headaches are a regular problem for you, Mountain Ear, Nose & Throat Associates can help. Contact us today at Sylva 828-586-7474, Franklin 828-524-5599, Murphy 828-835-1014 or New Asheville 828-458-8100 to schedule an appointment or learn more.

How Long Does A Sinus Headache Last And Do Sinus Headaches Go Away On Their Own

Sinus headache

Sinus headaches caused by sinus infections can last up to two weeks or more, depending on the severity of your sinus infection. Although some sinus infections go away on their own, leaving a sinus infection untreated comes with potential complications, including the spread of the infection, loss of smell, and in extreme cases, meningitis and brain abscess.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil has been a staple in the world of natural medicine for centuries. It can work wonders for sinus issues due to the fact that it possesses strong antiseptic properties that can relieve congestion, reduce coughs and provide help for sore throats.

You will immediately appreciate the way the strong scent of tea tree essential oil can cut right through clogged nasal passages and soothe the sinuses. What’s more, tea tree oil is capable of killing the germs that are causing painful sinus infections to occur and reoccur.

When To Seek Medical Care

For people with known allergic triggers to sinus headaches, management is often possible without routine medical care simply by relieving symptoms with over-the-counter medications and, when possible, avoiding what causes the allergies.Call your doctor if:

  • You have head pain over your sinus and develop a fever, or you have a problem with your immune system.
  • You symptoms are worsening in ways not experienced before.
  • You develop new symptoms not typical of prior headache.
  • A particularly severe headache occurs.
  • Alteration or loss of consciousness occurs.
  • Headache persists longer than 56 days, particularly with symptoms that are worsening.
  • Current therapies/treatments are not working.
  • Fever and neck pain or stiffness are present.
  • Headache symptoms interfere with activities of daily living .
  • You suspect an infection.

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What To Do About Recurring Sinus Headaches

If your headache is due to allergies, then deal with your allergies as aforementioned. If there is an anatomical issue, you may benefit from medical intervention.

It is important to note that there’s a lot of overlap between sinus headaches and migraines and thus a lot of misdiagnosed sinus headaches may actually be migraines, Dr. Epstein states. It’s best to speak to your doctor if symptoms are recurring, for clarification of diagnosis and proper management.

Remedies For Sinus Headaches

Sinus Drainage & Headache Relief Exercises | Maxillary & Frontal | #2

By: admin | March 8, 2021

Sinus headaches are caused by blocked sinuses, giving you pain and pressure around your sinuses, including between your eyes and above your nose. The pain can get worse when you move and the headache usually comes with other symptoms too, such as a stuffy nose or a sore throat. Experiencing a sinus headache can be tough, but there are remedies that can help you to deal with the problem.

Dealing with the pain you’re experiencing is important, but it can also be necessary to consider treatments for the underlying cause of your sinus headaches too. An ear, nose and throat doctor might prescribe certain medications or suggest treatments that you can try at home.

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Then What Is A True Sinus Headache

Your sinuses are air-filled sacs that connect to each side of your nose. It is their job to clean the air you inhale through your nostrils. A complex network of sinus cavities winds through your forehead, cheekbones, and behind the bridge of your nose.

Many medical experts agree that sinus headaches are rare and reserved for a minority of people diagnosed with acute frontal sinusitis or sphenoiditis.

If you do have a true sinus headache, then you must have an infection somewhere in your sinus cavities. In this case, youll have fever and congestion. It is that congestion that produces the horrible pressure in your sinuses. And the fever is what makes you feel generally unwell.

Can A Sinus Headache Be Prevented

  • Good handwashing and hygienic practices can help prevent colds and upper respiratory infections.
  • Smoking cessation can also decrease your risk of airway infections.
  • For people with allergies, avoid allergic triggers to help prevent sinus infections.
  • Keep the body well hydrated and humidify the air since these can help promote efficient drainage of fluids from the sinuses.

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Causes Of Sinus Pressure Headaches

Sinus headaches and inflammation can have a number of causes, including:

  • Common cold virus or other rhinoviruses
  • Flu virus
  • Allergies
  • Changes in humidity

Each of these different causes has different treatments, so its important to understand what is causing your symptoms in order to find a successful treatment.

Can A Sinus Headache Cause A Migraine

What are the tests available to diagnose a sinus headache?

A common misconception is that sinusitis triggers migraines , but that isnt likely to happen. Sinusitis originates in a different region of the body than migraine and they are not necessarily connected However, the two conditions do share the same nerves that can be stimulated, and they do both produce many of the same chemicals in the body during an attack. There are certain signs that can help distinguish between the two and knowing this can help facilitate appropriate treatment of the condition that is present.

Dr. Ailani explains how easy it can be to mistake a migraine for a sinus headache:

With a sinus infection, you will often have a fever, bright colored mucus from the nose in large amounts, and pain that is worse when you lay down . You may notice the pain is worse in the morning after sleeping for several hours. Occasionally, someone may have a chronic sinus infection, something that has been going on for several months. In this case, a person may not have any symptoms, and may not have a headache either.

If you have a severe headache with sinus type symptoms and also have light or sound sensitivity, upset stomach, lack of appetite, and no fever, and you notice the pain resolves in 4-36 hours- this may be a migraine. If you notice the pain improves when laying in a dark, quiet room, or when taking over the counter pain medication, this again goes along with migraine.

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Natural Remedies For Sinus Headaches

The throbbing in your temples, like the banging of a drum. The pressure behind your eyes, your head, and even your cheekbones. Aching even in your teeth. And lets not forget the tightness in the back of your neck that sometimes extends into your shoulders.

Ah yes, it is another full-blown sinus headache.

How To Perform Acupressure

Acupressure is easy to perform on yourself. The easiest way is to use your fingers to press firmly in a rotating motion or an up-and-down motion for 3 minutes at a time. â

Performed regularly, acupressure can help maintain relief from sinus pain and prevent it from returning. More tips for performing acupressure include:

  • Use deep, firm pressure when massaging each point.
  • Relax in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe deeply during the acupressure.
  • Repeat the acupressure as often as you want.
  • Someone else can also perform acupressure on you, too.

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How To Cure Chronic Sinusitis And Sinus Headaches Permanently

Chronic sinusitis and sinus headaches can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. It can be difficult to get on with your usual routine when youre in pain or suffering from serious congestion. You can also feel very upset and hopeless when it seems that the problem keeps coming back. What can you do to cure sinus problems permanently?

Natural Sinus Pain Relief

#3 Sinus Headache Relief Exercises | Paranasal Sinus Drainage Massage

In addition to remedies and medications, practices that promote relaxation may help you to manage and prevent sinus pain. This can include:

  • Massage: Relax in a dark, quiet room. Gentle head and neck exercises or gently massaging your head and face may also help.
  • Meditation: Research suggests that mindfulness meditation may help decrease the intensity of head pain. Focusing on your breathing, body sensations, and surroundings can be a useful coping strategy to manage pain.

You may want to enroll in a local mindfulness-based stress reduction training program to learn techniques commonly used in studies on meditation and head pain.

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