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Best Alcohol For Migraine Sufferers

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Should People With Migraine Avoid Alcohol

Get Rid of Migraine and Tension Headaches Fast – Simple Ingredient From Your Pantry!

If alcohol is a confirmed trigger for your migraine, then avoiding alcohol is the best solution. If youre unsure whether alcohol is triggering your migraine, keep a detailed migraine journal that includes any foods and alcohol consumed throughout the week. This will be a valuable resource for you and your doctor to start identifying more specific migraine triggers.

If you are consuming alcohol, please drink responsibly. This includes being careful about the amount of alcohol you consume and paying attention to how and when your migraine symptoms flare up in relation to drinking.

There is no way to completely prevent alcohol from triggering migraine, but monitoring your intake can help minimize the impact of certain triggers. Some ways you can reduce the impact of alcohol on your migraine and the possibility of alcohol-induced headaches include:

  • Drinking in moderation2 drinks or fewer in a day for men and 1 drink or fewer in a day for women
  • Having an accountability partner to keep an eye on your intake
  • Holding a glass of water or other non-alcoholic beverage to avoid social pressure
  • Keeping hydrated

Keep a record of any symptoms that occur after consuming alcohol and discuss them with your doctor. Identifying your specific food and drink triggers is a key part of any migraine prevention and treatment plan.

Here Are A Few Green Smoothie Recipes:

  • Spinach and pineapple green smoothie: Blend 1 cup of frozen pineapple, two handfuls of baby spinach, 1 small or medium banana, and 1 to 1 ½ cups of almond milk or plain yogurt.
  • Kale and mango smoothie: Blend 1 ½ cups frozen mango chunks, 1 cup washed and chopped kale , 1 small or medium banana, and 1 to 1 ½ cups cashew milk.

Does Coke Or Pepsi Help With Headaches

Coke contains caffeine, which can reduce headache pain. But Coke is also high in sugar, which has negative health impacts. If you use caffeine to reduce headache pain, opt for a beverage with little or no sugar, such as coffee or tea. Be aware that small amounts of caffeine can help some headache sufferers and migraineurs, but too much caffeine is a possible migraine trigger.

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Alcohol As A Trigger Factor

Many studies in different countries show that alcohol is a headache trigger in high percentage of migraine subjects, both in the general population and headache clinic population . About one-third of the patients report alcohol as a trigger . However these are retrospective studies, and until recently only a prospective study based exclusively on the subjective patients information exists . Recent studies show that alcohol acts as a trigger at least occasionally in a percentage similar to that of the previous studies , but as a frequent/consistent trigger in only 10% of the patients . Curiously, in some countries, the percentages of alcohol or wine as migraine triggers were negligible, 6.1 and 1.4% , perhaps depending on the degree of alcohol habits.

Fig. 1

Recently, a prospective study examining a wide spectrum of factors related to migraine, by applying a sophisticated statistical analysis, provides evidence for the limited importance of nutrition in the precipitation of migraine , in contrast to a previous report of the same study group . This work considered the alcoholic drinks and other triggering factors taken the day before onset of headache.

Moreover, there were significant trends of decreasing prevalence of migraine and non-migraine headache with the increasing number of alcohol units consumed .

Wines Low In Sulfites: Usual Mixed Pack

Alcohol, especially red wine, is perceived as a common migraine trigger ...

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Red Wine May Not Be The Best Choice For A Hangove

Red wine, which was the most commonly reported as a trigger , was followed by white wine, champagne, and beer, with 8.8% reporting a consistent trigger. The least likely place for headaches to occur is with vodka . The majority of hangover symptoms, including thirst and headaches, can be reduced by drinking plenty of water.

How Delayed Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is a known headache trigger .

The main ingredient of alcoholic drinks is ethanol, a chemical compound that acts as a diuretic.

Diuretics increase the body’s urine output, and water loss causes dehydration .

Frequent urination leads to dehydration and causes brain cells to contract temporarily, bringing on a headache .

Another effect of ethanol is vasodilation, swelling of blood vessels.

When blood vessels expand, they stimulate specific brain nerves which results in headache .

Alcoholic drinks contain congeners, which are biologically active compounds that contribute to taste, smell, and appearance of a drink.

Congeners additionally increase probability of an alcohol-induced headache .

These congeners are more abundant in red wine, whisky, and brandy, with lesser amounts found in gin and vodka .

Red wine in particular has been shown to increase the body’s plasma serotonin and plasma histamine levels, which can trigger migraine symptoms, and alcohol-induced headaches in individuals that are more susceptible .

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What Are Wine Wands

Wine wands are developed by PureWine, a small Texas-based company that my family actually ended up investing in once we realized how well they worked for me. Even once I reintroduced foods, I could only tolerate white wines, but red seemed to always trigger dizziness for me. This was especially common with bold reds, like cabernet sauvignon. One common misconception I see in my migraine groups is that these are basically the same thing as the drops you see online – this is not true.

PureWine is the only product on the market that also addresses biogenic amines, like tyramine and histamine. Stirring the wine wand in your drink for up to 8 minutes removes not only all the sulfites but also these amines, which tend to be a bigger culprit for triggering attacks than sulfites. The other products, like the drops, only remove sulfites. There are so many common wine mythsout there – like if you just buy sulfite-free wine you won’t get an attack – but most are just misinformation.

Types Of Headaches Associated With Alcohol

Mayo Clinic Explains Migraine

When investigating whats triggering your headaches, its important to know exactly what kind of headache youre experiencing. Alcoholic drinks are usually associated with certain types of headaches like:

  • migraine without aura
  • cluster headache
  • tension headache

While people who have these headaches report a connection to alcohol, theres no real consistency in how alcohol causes these headaches to develop, according to studies that have been done. Instead, researchers suggest that alcohol as a trigger is more of a personal reaction common in certain types of headaches than a general effect.

The number of drinks you have, what you are drinking, and whats going on in your life may be the primary culprits, rather than alcohol itself.

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Why Is Red Wine A Migraine Trigger

There are two primary things found in red wine that are generally considered to blame for the red wine triggered migraine. Dr. Frederick G. Freitag is a headache specialist and an associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin and he believes that the tyramine and tannins in the red wine is what causes the headache and migraine reaction that many people experience.1

What Is The Culprit

SELF reports that tannins a stabilizing agent present in grape skins, seeds, and stems are likely responsible for the migraines. Generally speaking, red wine has a higher concentration of tannins since the skin is kept in the fermentation process, unlike white wine where it is removed. There are some studies that link drinking alcohol with higher levels of tannins and bad hangovers, but more research needs to be done to prove tannins are solely responsible.

Dr. Frederick G. Freitag, a headache specialist and associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, told the Chicago Tribune last year that tannins are responsible for migraines, as is tyramine an amino acid that is produced by the fermentation process of wine. This naturally occurring substance has been known to trigger migraine headaches in individuals unable to break down the amino acid.

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How To Prevent A Headache After Drinking Alcohol

There are hundreds of supplements, vitamins, and internet hacks to prevent a headache after drinking alcohol. In truth, the best way to prevent a headache associated with alcohol is to either not drink at all or to decrease the amount of alcohol you consume. Changing your drinking habits can be difficult, but with time and support it can bring life-changing benefits. For immediate prevention steps, here are a few guidelines on what you should and shouldnt do to minimize headaches after drinking:

Many Migraine Sufferers Wary Of Alcohol As A Headache Trigger

For headache sufferers

Many migraine sufferers avoid alcohol, saying it can trigger the severe headaches, a survey found.

Among more than 2,000 migraine patients in the Netherlands, more than a third said alcohol was a migraine trigger for them. Of the 650 patients who had stopped consuming alcohol, one in four said it was to avoid triggering migraines. And 78 percent of patients who did drink alcohol cited red wine as the specific drink that could trigger an attack. Vodka was a trigger for only 8 percent.

Whether alcohol is a reliable migraine trigger and why are both poorly understood, the study authors write in the European Journal of Neurology. Alcohol seems to affect about a third of those prone to migraines, and the amount of alcohol and time it takes to trigger a headache vary as well, they note.

Migraine patients frequently link the consumption of alcoholic beverages with the triggering of their migraine attacks . . . however, patients report that alcoholic beverages do not consistently trigger attacks, lead study author Gerrit Onderwater of Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands told Reuters Health.

These migraines are likely triggered by alcohol mixed with several other factors, he said.

Identifying factors involved in the triggering of attacks may point to compounds which could be avoided, he said in an email.

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Here Are A Few Ginger Tea Options:

  • Ginger tea bags: The simplest way to enjoy ginger tea. Choose a brand known for high-quality herbal teas and brew yourself a cuppa.
  • Fresh ginger root tea: You simply boil peeled and sliced fresh ginger in water for about five minutes. Go a few extra minutes for more spice. Add honey or maple syrup to taste .
  • Black tea with ginger: Brew tea to your liking and add fresh ginger grated with a microplane.
  • Iced ginger tea: Brew black or herbal tea and add sliced fresh ginger. Let cool and transfer to a glass pitcher for storage in the refrigerator.

Managing Alcohol And Migraine Symptoms

The best way to find out what triggers your migraine is to keep a journal. Track what you eat and drink, how much sleep you get, and other potential triggers . Then record when your symptoms worsen. You may find that alcohol triggers your migraine, or you may see that alcohol has no effect on your symptoms. Once you know what effect alcohol has on your body, you can make decisions about whether to drink at all and, if so, how much to drink and when.

It is also important to have open discussions about your alcohol consumption with your health care team. Your team will be able to alert you of any potential interactions between your migraine medications and alcohol, and they can help ensure you are approaching alcohol consumption safely. Be honest with your doctors about your habits and preferences. Remember, your health care providers want to work with you to make your symptoms as manageable as possible. Their intent is not to judge or shame you.

As you decide how alcohol may fit into your life with migraine, there are many factors to consider, such as the type of alcoholic beverages you drink, your other risk factors, and your neurologists recommendations specific to your medical history. Most importantly, monitor how you feel when you drink alcohol and be willing to have open and honest conversations about drinking with your doctor and other important people in your life.

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Wines Low In Tannins: Free Range Flower Winery ‘l’ Lavender Wine

Tannins are naturally occurring in wine, especially red wine, but they tend not to be kind to our heads the following day. Luckily, this wine is free of tannins and that’s because it is not made out of grapes at all, but rather lavender flowers. It’s a soft rosé wine with a crisp and dry taste and notes of citrus and juniper.

In addition to being tannin-free, it’s also low-carb and low-sugar without being low in alcohol, if that’s something that’s important to you. It contains even more ABV than most others, at 13.5 percent. The flowers themselves are organic, which makes the wine naturally the same.

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Our Expert Answers Everything About Wine Headaches

Worst Foods to Eat with Migraines (Dietary Triggers)

While we know our way around a bottle of Shiraz like any self-indulgent Aussie, we had to turn to the experts to understand the true cause of wine headaches. Meet Kate Peck. Starting from humble beginnings at MTV, shes now the host of @ausmotoshow,@auspromx, and @aorc_, but more importantly, Kate has completed her WSET 3 qualification and is an expert wine writer at Delicious Australia.

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Congeners Role In Hangovers

One of the reasons certain types of alcohol may be more likely to trigger migraine attacks is the presence of congeners. These are by-products of the fermentation process, and theyre found in higher concentrations in dark liquors. A congener is anything produced by yeast that isnt ethanol. Congeners can also include chemicals like histamine, which can trigger migraine attacks and headaches.

Congeners in darker beverages have been linked to hangovers. The few experimental studies indicate that the highest congener beverage results in more severe hangover ratings than does the beverage with essentially no congeners . These congeners tend to affect how people feel the next day, including contributing to increased levels of hangover symptoms. The study also found that it was the ethanol consumption that was responsible for a majority of the hangover symptoms.

Why Lights May Cause Migraines

  • The Brightness of the Light: Bright light creates a response from your eyes that can make migraines more intense. Some people have their worst reactions when exposed to sunlight which is the brightest light you can find.
  • Flickering or Pulsating Light: The subliminal and sometimes visible pulsating of various light sources such as fluorescent lights can trigger a migraine and even make you feel nauseous. Any light source that flickers or pulsates should be avoided.
  • Blue Kelvin Color Temperature: Lighting that is more blue-green or higher on the kelvin temperature scale will bring on migraines more so than lights that are more yellow or lower on the temperature scale.
  • High Contrast Light Sources: These lights are flashing more than flickering. This can be a TV screen, computer monitor, strobe lights, headlights, or any other light source that produces this type of effect.

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Should Migraine Patients Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol in low dose, especially of red wine, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Migraine, specifically with aura or high frequency, increases the risk of some cardiovascular diseases. The unselective suggestion of alcohol abstinence for all migraine patients is not correct. In fact, patients with high migraine frequency with increased risk of ischemic stroke may benefit from a low dose of alcohol. Certainly, alcoholic drinks may trigger migraine and tension headache in some subjects.

This is probably much less likely than that suggested by patients recall. Moreover, it is frequently necessary to consume alcohol along with other factors to trigger a headache attack. Before alcohol is considered responsible for a migraine attack, the patient should review certain factors. These include careful recording of the intake of the amount of alcohol, the specific drink types, the frequency of induced-headache to the amount and type and the 48 hours prior to headache and any situation or stress prior to the alcohol intake.

If you find consistent agreement among these factors and the headache, alcohol is possibly causing headaches. However, when the factors do not associate together consistently, or extremely rarely, abstinence is not necessary. Since alcohol is considered a risk factor for breast cancer, know your risk for this disease.

Alessandro Panconesi MD, Via Amedeo Bassi 20, Montespertoli, Italy 50025

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Kate says we mightve found the culprit in histamines.

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